28 May, 2014

Action Plan For A Healthy Move for Seniors

We discussed in my last article how a senior can assess their living situation to determine if they are ready to downsize. In this article I devise  an action plan that will help seniors make a smooth transition.
  1. Learn about types of senior housing. Visit senior communities and apartments in the area you are planning to move to.  Marketing directors often will be happy to give tours of their facilities and explain the different types of senior housing. Among them: Senior apartment complexes cater to older adults, but residents must be able to care for themselves. Retirement communities are self-contained residential complexes with support services and recreational and social amenities. Continuing care retirement communities offer three levels of living environments—independent, assisted living, and skilled nursing. Become familiar with all the facilities in your area.
2.      Talk to trusted advisers. Clergy, an attorney, relatives, a physician, or good friends are all excellent sources of unbiased advice. Discuss your feelings with your advisers and describe how your current situation is affecting your life. Discuss the difficulties you are experiencing, such as physical hardships, anxieties and loneliness. Let your advisers help guide you to the right decision.
3.      Talk to a real estate agent. A good real estate agent is a good resource for different housing communities and options that are available in the area that you are planning to move to. They are also a good resource for other services that cater to seniors that will help you make a smooth transition.
4.      Take notes. Write down notes at the end of each meeting followed by your comments.
5.      Make lists of advantages and disadvantages.  List on one side of a sheet of paper all of the reasons a move would be good and then list on the other side all the negatives.

6.      Reflect. Put the paper away for a couple of days, and then reread the answers. After reflection, the right path to take could become obvious.

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