14 April, 2017

CAA Loses First Round in Rent Control Legal Battle

Last week a court denied the California Apartment Association's (CAA) request for a preliminary injunction in its case against the City of Mountain View to block the implementation of Measure V. Measure V is the city's voter approved rent control and just cause eviction ordinance. A different court recently denied the same motion in CAA's fight to block a similar initiative in the city of Richmond.
CAA had asked the court to prevent the implementation of the ordinance until resolution of the lawsuit which is scheduled for trial later this year. The court found that CAA was unable to prove its members would suffer irreparable harm if Measure V went into effect prior to the resolution of the litigation over Measure V.

This decision now paves the way for full implementation of rent control and just cause eviction in Mountain View, which goes into effect immediately. Measure V applies to buildings with three or more units with different regulations based on whether it was built before or after February 1, 1995. Under state law rent control can only apply to buildings built before that date.

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