13 August, 2014

Staging Outdoor Living Spaces

In our area outdoor living spaces have become an extension of the home and often play an important role in a buyer's decision of which home to buy. From the traditional grill and picnic table to lavishly landscaped patios and decks with lounge areas, buyers’ love affair with the backyard continues to hold true.

An outdoor space doesn’t have to be huge to make a big impact. Staging a backyard helps the buyer see the possibilities. The idea is to give the buyer a subtle message of relaxation and entertaining by creating a memorable entertainment spot for intimate dinners with friends and family gatherings.

Following are ideas for creating outdoor spaces that will help transform your yard into the ultimate retreat or entertaining space that help sell the lifestyle of the home:

1)   Stage an Area. Stage a porch seating area using two outdoor sofas with colorful throw pillows and an outdoor rug. Add plants and accessories. Whether it’s just leaving a magazine on the coffee table, or a pitcher of lemonade with glasses on a bistro table, you can give buyers an image of a peaceful retreat.

2)  Add an Outdoor Kitchen. Kitchens are the center of family life. They can be extensive or they can be as compact as a patio with a grill and table. There are a wide variety of options for every space, purpose, and price range.

3)  Add Outdoor Lighting.  Use lighting to highlight important areas of the yard, or add a set of solar walkway lights.

4) Add a Fire Feature. Installing a portable fire pit or building a stone fireplace can extend the time people can spend in their backyards.

5) Add a Water Feature. From small fountains to ponds, streams, create a sense of peace and calm, helping people connect with nature, and may attract wildlife.

6) Create a Wildflower or Herb Garden. They are beautiful and smell great.

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